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A-SPACE is a PEEK-Optima® cage for anterior lumbar fusion. Its function is to provide rigid stabilization, reconstitute the normal disc height and maintain normal sagittal alignment. Reliable and easy to use instrumentation allow the surgeon to perform the procedure in a timely and efficient manner.



  • Secure implant fit ensures primary stability
  • Bone fusion can be checked within the implant by X-ray
  • The type of approach can be selected according to the anatomical situation, the position of the major vessels and the indication. This decreases the risk of injury to soft tissue or aorta.
  • Wide range of implant sizes presenting the right implant to fit the patient
  • Simple and clearly arranged instruments
  • Combined with S4® Spinal System and activ O Aesculap offers a treatment concept for secure fusion


Lumbar spine fusion in case of:
Degenerative instability, post-discectomy syndrome, post-traumatic instabilities and revision of a artificial disc.



  • PEEK-Optima® is transparent to X-rays and artefact-free
  • Tantal markers serve as location markers
  • Anatomical shape and serrated profile
  • Option of filling with bone or bone substitute to enhance bone bridging
  • Three possibilities to connect the implantat allow for different approaches: ALIF 0°, ALIF 30° und XLIF 90°
  • Firm connection to the inserter by means of a screw thread


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